About us

We have been active in the area of marketing communications for 27 years. We are specialized in public relations and organisation of events. We use a variety of communication channels, reach for customized tools and build lasting relations with the media to effectively pursue the corporate visual identity objectives of our Clients. Our philosophy of public relations originates in solid foundations: experience and competence. We employ specialists in various fields of PR who contribute their professional expertise along with their artistic creativity and great passion for work.

We believe that partnership is the key to success in business. We offer a unique quality of cooperation, comprehensive advice and strong commitment, all by applying the highest standards. We extensively analyse the needs and then we set goals - ambitious, yet realistic. The strategies we create are perfectly tailored. The bar is placed high because we care about the satisfaction of our Clients. Professionalism and efficiency are our distinguishing features. Concepts are born quickly and are executed right on the spot. With the comprehensive and unconventional way of thinking - our ideas often become the impetus for effective marketing actions. We prove that good PR can promote less expensively, however, more efficiently.

Drawing from years of experience and knowledgeable support – we identify opportunities, but also we can predict threats at the right time. Our advice for crisis management helps come away unscathed from difficult situations and avoid erroneous actions in terms of corporate visual identity.

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ul.Śląska 4,60-614 Poznań
tel.: (61) 64 64 450
fax.: (61) 64 64 452


ul. Śląska 4,
60-614 Poznań
tel.: (61) 64 64 450
fax.: (61) 64 64 452
e-mail: office@v5group.pl

Contact us

+48 61 64 64 450 office@v5group.pl

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