Ballerinas exhibition with photos from the IN POSNANIA session

Unique photographs of ballerinas with the background of the construction of Posnania available for viewing in Młyńska 12. The Ballerinas exhibition with photographs of the IN POSNANIA session is available for viewers until April 23rd. The author of the photographs is Szymon Brodziak - a world-famous photographer from Poznań, specializing in unconventional black and white artistic photographic sessions.

- IN POSNANIA was the first project in Poland with intention to create a photo session on a dynamically, daily evolving construction site. Thanks to the amazing graduates of the Poznań Ballet School, we have managed to contrast the delicacy and sophisticated female beauty with the ascetic nature of an ongoing construction: raw walls, scaffoldings, unfinished spaces - says Szymon Brodziak

The session with the participation of graduates of the Poznań Ballet School has been awarded many times at international photo competitions. It has won two distinctions at the International Photography Awards 2016 and a bronze medal at the Prix de la Photographie Paris 2016. Posnania has also won the gold ICSC Solal Marketing Awards for the IN POSNANIA campaign, in the category "Positioning and brand awareness".


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