Grecos revenue record - over PLN 0.5 billion for the Polish tourist giant in 2017

- We have achieved our goal, i.e. a two-digit growth - comments Wojciech Skoczyński, Grecos's president - Greece remains the most popular travel destination for Poles, so we are keeping our course and this year we want to raise our results.

Great Greek holidays, which are Grecos's specialty, include Cyprus from 2017. In the first season only, holidays on this island, deeply steeped in Greek climate, were chosen by more than 3,000 vacationers.

In 2017, the company achieved PLN 539 million of revenue, a year earlier - PLN 444.5 million. This huge jump allowed the tour operator to strengthen its position at the forefront of the tourism industry in Poland. In 2018, their millionth client will go to Greece.

- More and more Poles appreciate the Greek siga-siga, the peaceful lifestyle perfectly suited to resting - assesses President Skoczyński - We offer savoring it in various ways in various places in Greece.


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