Grecos among the leaders of the ranking of Polish tour operators

Grecos strong position is confirmed by the "Ranking and ratings of travel agencies",  the calculation of the TravelDATA Travel Market Institute that gathers the results of the tourism industry.

The ranking prepared by the TravelDATA team is the result of a comparison of financial data of Polish tour operators for 2017. From these numbers it appears that a travel agency specializing in organizing holidays in Greece in terms of the amount of revenues from tourist events (PLN 449.5 million) gave way only to companies offering leisure in various countries (Itaka, TUI and Rainbow). In terms of the number of clients, Grecos is ranked 5th - in 2017, he organized holidays for 188,000 people.

With a net profit of PLN 20.1 million, Grecos proved to be the most profitable tour operator. With an industry average of 1.9%, Grecosa's profitability in 2017 was 3.7%. According to R.A.T.I.N.G.'u (Risk Adjusted Tour Operator Information and Notification-based Grade) prepared by TravelDATA, the current situation of Grecosa deserves AA rating, and the prospect of a tour operator specializing in Greece is stable.


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