Grecos increased its insurance guarantee to PLN 75 million

PLN 75 million is the new Grecosa insurance guarantee. This amount will secure contracts for participation in trips concluded from September 17 this year. The new sum is a further increase in the guarantee for specialist clients from the great Greek holidays.

The insurance guarantee for Grecosa was issued, similarly to last year, by TU Europa. The guarantee covers all contracts for participation in the trip concluded on September 17, 2018. Contracts concluded until September 16 this year are protected under a previous guarantee.

- We raised the guarantee sum because we want our clients to feel safe - declares Janusz Śmigielski, vice president of Grecos Holiday. - We are the guarantor of a successful holiday for our clients, but at the same time we want tourists to be protected in every situation. Of course, this is also required by law, hence we are fulfilling all the provisions of the law, and especially those that are of interest to clients - adds Śmigielski.

The minimum amount of the guarantee is specified in the Act on tourist services.

In the area of insurance, Grecos continues its cooperation with TU Europa, which will continue to be the insurer of tourist packages (including luggage and medical costs) offered by a tour operator specializing in Greece.


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