London Stock Exchange: Grecos inspires Europe

Grecos was among the "1000 companies to inspire Europe". The title of the company inspiring Europe is awarded by the London Stock Exchange Group. The London Stock Exchange distinguishes EU enterprises that are dynamically developing, are already successful, but still have the potential for high growth. This is a special distinction for Grecosa, because the leading Polish tour operator has already been added to this unique group for the second time.

The report prepared by the London Stock Exchange Group captures a thousand small and medium-sized companies from the European Union, which promise even better results. According to the authors of the statement, these enterprises will have a big impact on the economic future of the Old Continent.

- I welcome this title as a confirmation that we have set a good path for our business - says Wojciech Skoczyński, President of Grecosa - We were inspired by Greece and specialized in organizing holidays in this country. This specialization allows us to achieve the position of one of the tourist leaders in Poland. It also turns out that we are able to inspire others. I do not conceal that such a distinction allows you to feel the pride of the whole Grecos team, that is over 200 great people who organize Polish great Greek holidays - Skoczyński adds.

Growing employment is one of the elements of the assessment of companies selected by the authors of the "1000 companies to inspire Europe" list. The London Stock Exchange Group, out of a thousand entities from 28 EU countries, indicated 30 Polish enterprises this year, and the awards were presented on 25 September at the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels.

Grecos was on the list of "1000 companies inspiring Europe" for the second time, because the tour operator was also appreciated two years ago. In 2017, the company from Poznań exceeded PLN 500 million revenue and served 188,000 customers in one season. This year, over 200,000 people will choose a holiday with Grecos.


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