Mitsis hotels exclusively for Grecos

The largest family hotel chain in Greece since the 2019 season exclusively on the Grecosa offer. According to the contract signed by Wojciech Skoczyński and Stavros Mitsis, heads of leading tourist market companies in their countries, the tour operator offers holidays at 16 Mitsis Hotels facilities.

Thanks to the agreement between Grecos Holiday and Mitsis Hotels, the Polish tour operator broadened its offer of hotels of the popular network. The facilities on the islands of Kos, Rhodes and Crete have now been joined by further hotels on the same destinations and Galini Wellness Resort & Spa located in Kamena Vourla. This is the first hotel in Central Greece in the tour operator's offer, the largest wellness & spa center in the Balkans.

- Enlargement of partnership with Grecos is a milestone for our network - evaluates the contract Stavros Mitsis, president of Mitsis Hotels - I am very pleased that we have increased our presence on the Polish market.

Tour operator specializing in organizing holidays in Greece will focus in the next season on further improvement of quality and on developing the offer where there is the most interest of customers. Hence, among others decision to expand cooperation with the network managed by Stavros Mitsis.

"From year to year, we get to know each other more and more. And now is the time to maximally strengthen our cooperation - describes Wojciech Skoczyński, president of Grecos Holiday - Hotels Mitsis are among the most-chosen and the highest rated. Our partnership with such a large player, and at the same time a family Greek company, is for me an obvious step on the path we have taken, namely the specialization in Greece - sums up Skoczyński.


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