The winners of Grecosa's Gamification are awarded

Over fifty agents with the best results in Grywalizacji won the prize in Greece. Over the summer months, 665 heads and employees of travel agencies with the offer of Grecosa met with various tasks. The most points were collected by Agnieszka Zbróg from Lodz Discover the World and she received a special award during the Grecos Adventure!

The winner and all Greure winners took to Kos. Popular among Poles (also due to agents who are happy to sell holidays in local hotels), the island of Dodecanese, hosted 55 participants of Grywalizacja. The trip guaranteed the acquisition of 14,500 points, Agnieszka Zbróg collected them up to 166,50.

- I scored in additional tasks, I kept to deadlines, it also helped good sales - explains Agnieszka Zbróg from the office Discover the World - The most interesting task for me was to ask about UNESCO's objects in Greece. Thanks to him, I broadened my knowledge on this subject.

Comments from the winner and other participants are currently being analyzed. Most opinions are positive, which is confirmed by the mere fact of the participation of a larger number of owners and employees of agency travel agencies than in the last year's first edition of Grywalizacja. The time spent by users on the platform also increased, which translated into a greater number of completed tasks

- The idea for interactive agents' involvement will certainly be continued - says Paulina Sypuła, Sales Support Team Manager in Grecos - Grecosa's offer is constantly expanding and modernizing, therefore it is important that agents have appropriate product knowledge and willingly participate in training processes.

Gamification "In 100 days around Greece" lasted - according to its slogan - over three months. Every week, participants were given a task - product, marketing or sales.


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